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A vibrant, resilient, inclusive community celebrates the diversity of its' citizens. And everyone feels safe, respected and valued. 

Hi. My name is Zoe.


This site, Courageous Ideas, is inspired by the notion that we really can mend cracks in "the system" to make a difference in the lives of many. But to do so, elected leaders must think and do things differently, and this requires tremendous courage.


In case you don't already know much about me, here's a very brief intro... 


I've been a resident of the Tri-Cities for 18 years. I served on city council in Port Moody from 2011 to 2022, and I worked in healthcare for 22 years, largely in Coquitlam. I'm also a mother of two daughters, a recent grandmother, business owner, artist and writer. 


Not that long ago, I worked in both healthcare and on city council concurrently. And while the job description may differ from one role to other, the heart and soul of the work were the same: caring for people.

I hope you will join me on my journey to restore hope in young people. I'm convinced that a heightened sense of collaboration, commitment and understanding between the School Board and City would make a world of difference for youth, and for all people. 

I've compiled a series of idea sets that I've been thinking about for a while. I hope you will explore the Case Studies, Collab Lab, and Bridging System Gaps to learn more about me and my ideas.


I will note that this site is not my full election platform website referred to in my print brochure. That is a whole other world to explore if you have an interest to do so.

Zoe's message is very different from that of other politicians, with an emphasis on love:


“Love for one another, for our community, and the earth we live on. Love for the First Peoples that came before us, and for the generations still to come.


Love unites us, it never divides us. It gives us the strength and courage to make a difference,”    Zoe Royer

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